Surrender First, Details Second

As you probably know from yesterday's announcement, posts and blog, God has called our family to respond to a call to join some church-planting initiatives South Africa. This discernment process has been a blast! Honestly. Scary, yes! But so fun to see God at work so clearly.

This week, I want to share some various components of our story in hopes that it will inspire and impact you to go for God in new ways too!
For years now, the Lord has been developing this call into rethinking church. If we had launched into it too early, that would have been a mistake. We needed more maturity, life lessons and growth before this moment could begin. Throughout the last year the call has strengthened and intensified. But, the process had to go like this:
  1. Surrender first! Admit what the Lord is saying and stirring and confess your willingness to follow him regardless of your fear and your questions.
  2. Details second. We told God we would leave BEFORE we had any idea where we were going! Some of you may think this is crazy. And it is. But, it is what the Lord required of us.
I think there is a message here for many of us. There are times that the Lord calls to release control & surrender...say YES...without all the details and without all the answers. Then, once we pass that test, the reward comes in the form of divine clarity.
This process would be otherwise defined as FAITH!