Home and Hyper

We are home...got here at about 4:00. Should have been here at 2:00, but was delayed to spend quality time in stand still traffic on 95 North....always a wonderful test of character after 7 hours on the road. We are glad to be home.

After being in the car most of the day, I find that I am hyper. I have been going and doing and mowing since we got home. Trying to burn off some saved up energy.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning. I have an announcement to share with the community that will pack a pretty big punch. Also, tomorrow is the Sunday that we MERGE TO ONE MAIN WORSHIP SERVICE...it starts at 10:30am. (On Sept. 7th, we will launch new small groups that will meet from 9am-10am). Pastor Dave will be preaching tomorrow. He is the former Senior Pastor of CCF before me and he serves as the Bishop of our district (for 3 more weeks). Glad to have him speaking tomorrow as I am just coming off of a trip.

See you in the morning!! Excited about what God has ahead for us!