We Came Home to...

A new home. We settled on a new home while we were away this week thanks to a power of attorney that handled it for us (so we could still go away). This will be the first and last time that we will ever spend several hundred thousand dollars while we are on vacation. Get it?!?! We are really excited to make this home our own. It is just here in Bowie a few miles from where we live now. Needs a little TLC, but we love to do it. We will slowly do some work at the new house and migrate over to it over the next few weeks. We have tenants moving into our current home Sept. 1st. We thank the Lord (and a GREAT Realtor named Mom) for His favor over us as this has been a smooth transaction and a great experience.

If you are a CCF'er...we will publish our new address in the next update of the church director. If you are a friend or family member, email me and I will give you our new address.