I love it already!

OK, so I am moving out of my office at the church and into a new office in the upstairs of the building (off the Upper Room). We sensed it to be the best decision for several reasons. One of the top reasons that I wanted to move up here was Sundays! I need more space on Sundays!!! To prepare. To tweak my message. To pray. To sit in solitude. To hear from God. All that has been nearly impossible with my old office location....especially on Sundays when I need it most! My "old office" is connected to the main lobby. I might as well sit my desk in the middle of the lobby. Their is no separation. Why am I sharing this? Because my computer and phone were moved up to my new office yesterday by our IT guy, Perry (thanks, Perry). So, this morning I am in my new office. I can feel the difference already! I look forward to going down and being with the people. They are why I am here! But, man do I need this time of preparation to be able to be on top of my game.