International Sunday 2008!

Excited about our theme for International Sunday this year. Several different members will be sharing "messages in a bottle" that the world is sending to us as the church! It is going to be a beautiful day with all the International attire and food.

Here is the words that will be on the back of this Postcard (they will be made available to you on Easter Sunday):

Capital Christian Fellowship is not like most churches you have ever seen. We are a snapshot of what heaven will look like…many people from many experiences that connect with God! At CCF, we celebrate our diversity as a gift from God. We are a multi-national congregation with people from over 40 different nations, people ages 0-93, and people from many different denominational traditions (4 different ones just on our staff alone).

This year we are having an International Celebration with a vibrant worship service, numerous international speakers, and a meal with food from all over the world. It’s free! We welcome you to come.

Our theme is “Message in a Bottle; The World Is Sending us an SOS”. Come and hear what messages the world is sending to CCF on April 13th!

--See you here on International Sunday!