Rolling Out

Heading out of town this afternoon at 3:00pm. We'll be gone for a week. Gotta preach on Good Friday and Easter, so we will be back in time for that. We travel this same week every year for Tricia's Spring Break.

We are going to Myrtle Beach SC, Charleston SC to stay with our good friends Jake and Michelle and then we will also spend a little time in Savannah, GA. We love Savannah. I am looking forward to it being in the 70's...had to get my shorts out last night.

Really looking forward to being with Tricia and Davis and getting away. I need to disconnect from work and go play. I know me well enough to know that I can only disconnect emotionally when I disconnect physically. I have been giving alot and working hard for the church and Tricia has been getting the leftovers (which is the case more often that I'd like). Now, it's time to do family!

Oh, and we are both looking forward to taking our new Odyssey on it's first odyssey!

Will miss you this weekend!