Jesus Loves (through) Coffee

Can I share something crazy with you?  I love coffee. And I love Starbucks. I used to get a $1.68 regular Starbucks coffee almost every day when I lived in the states. But, as you know, I know longer live in the states.  And there are no Starbucks in South Africa.

So, last October, while in Mozambique, a man gave me a big bag of whole bean dark roast Starbucks coffee.  He did not like strong coffee. I thought, "really, Lord? You just wanted me to feel loved by you in the small things, huh?" I cannot tell you how deeply I felt God's love in that bag of coffee. Laugh if you want.

There are also these things called Starbucks VIAs which are little one cup packets of instant micro ground Starbucks coffee. They are actually the bomb and taste like the real deal. But there are not cheap. And somehow some friends from our home church decided to send us monthly packages throughout the least year....and every package contains Starbucks VIAs!

Well, last week I was running low, so I started limiting myself to one every few days. On Friday I was down to my last one, so I decided to save it for the weekend.

Then, I got the SMS below from Tricia Friday afternoon. A monthly package had arrived. With Starbucks VIAs! Just on time!!

It may seem shallow, but to me, it's deep. I feel God's love.  I know it's just coffee, but it feels like he uses something as wild as coffee to remind me that he loves me, cares about my needs AND my wants, and likes to give good gifts to his kids. Not silly to me. It's actually very significant. And I am very thankful.