Speaking of Jesus; The Art of Non-Evangelism

This weekend I read Carl Medearis's newest book, "Speaking of Jesus; the Art of Non-Evangelism".  It was an easy read. I read it in two, two-hour sittings. I liked it! (Even more, I liked that I got it on my iPad for free. Thanks, Kindle!) 

Not profound, not theologically explanatory, not really anything new to me that I have not already concluded and try to live....BUT, well said, well written and well needed deprogramming and reprogramming of language for those who want to follow Jesus and make him known.

Point of the book: The word "Christian" and the religion of "Christianity" have harmed the cause of Jesus in the world. Stop using this language, stop defending a faith system or religion and start spreading the gospel for what it is....the good news of JESUS! Sop speaking of your doctrines, beliefs, churches, and theologies and start speaking of JESUS!

Interesting personal note: I have walked with a number of people this year who did not know and love Jesus...and now they do.  They are followers of Jesus.  I have NEVER told them they were "Christians" and I have never one time heard them call themselves "Christians"!  They only refer to themselves as followers of Jesus. So, this works.  And it changes everything.