A Growing Sense of Call to the Church

This has unquestionably been the most transformational year of my life.  But one of the things that continues to amaze me is that I know less and less about what I will do when I grow up and have more and more peace about it all. It's wild. But, it's great. I could see things going in several different directions. But, here is my growing sense and my growing passion these days. It is at least a peep-hole into where things may go.

I am growing passionate to inspire Christians in churches to become disciples of Jesus in the world!   Those disciples will make disciples and bring the Kingdom of God on earth here and now! Mission will be at the core locally and globally, staying and launching.

Let me get this off my chest: I am PASSIONATE about the Nations! I want to see disciples take the name of Jesus to the unreached and unengaged people of the earth! I just am not hearing God call me to go to a UUPG region right now. Instead, I hear him calling me to equip, train, inspire, influence and launch within the church.  And this is a fairly uncomfortable place. It is always uneasy to encourage people to do something you are not doing. But, at the end of the day, each of us have to hear and obey the lead of the Father. Some will stay at home. Some will go to the rural tribes.  Many will head into the major cities. We all must hear and obey.

As for me, by developing and strengthening sense of calling is into the church...particularly established, traditional, stuck and frustrated ones. I dream every single day of walking with Pastors and churches who want to see their church move from broken and boring to bold and biblical. (Incidentally, I am NOT feeling called to journey with churches happy with the good work they are doing. Keep at it.) But, I think that the churches all over the west, as much as they have strayed from biblical church, have a HUGE role to play in the accomplishment of the great commission. And I would be willing to give my life to see them inspired and invited into passionate disciple making!

Anyway, I am busy writing quite a bit about this offline. I am busy preparing several resources for churches ready to start some graceful transitions toward some of the stuff in Acts and the early church. Craziness, I know.

I am getting stoked about doing some of this in May in America.

Note: I have so much to learn still.