Joy comes in the morning...

Psalm 30:5 has layered meaning for me. It contains the words "joy comes in the morning." I think I know what the author intended, and I have felt the relief of sorrow before when I sensed a new day dawning (as he is likely referring to).

However, often that verse has different meanings for me. What do I mean? Well, I got up by 5am and started to work at about the time the sun came up and now have completed half a days work by 8am! Days like this add new meaning to the words "joy comes in the morning"! The joy of catching up on my workload before anyone else is up and around. The joy of getting a HUGE jump on my day.

If only I could do this everyday....can't because I share morning home and baby responsibilities. Tricia and I are in this together. Maybe when I am an old man I can do this everyday!