My Bucket List

I often say to people…KEEP DREAMING! I believe in dreaming and setting goals. About 7 years ago, while in college I started a list of things that I want to do before I die. I have been adding to that same list for years. It recently reached 50. I hesitated sharing this with you…

I feel a little vulnerable sharing these goals because they are so personal. And I realize that some of them are subject to interpretation. And some of them could be perceived as selfish in nature. The question that we need to keep asking ourselves when we dream is “what is the motivation behind the goal?” Oftentimes, we have weird goals with purer motives. I guess what I'm getting at is this: the motivation behind the goal is key. If your motivation is wrong, then you'd be better off not accomplishing it.

I tried to set these goals in the context of my faith. So I honestly see all of them as spiritual goals. Even the travel goals. Travel is one way to worship God. The more of creation I experience the more I appreciate the Creator! Man, has that proven true for me!

OK, Enough disclaimers.

My primary motivation in sharing this list is that I hope it inspires you to come up with your own list of life goals.

  1. Plant at least 25 churches
  2. Finish my Masters (almost there)
  3. Get a Doctorate
  4. Play in a golf tournament (and place)
  5. Write at least 10 books
  6. Take each of our kids on a mission trip
  7. Cruise the world
  8. Own a big honkin’ RV
  9. Do a Forty Day Fast
  10. Be a multi millionaire by 55
  11. Teach at a college
  12. Go on a missions trip to 5 different continents (3 down, 2 to go)
  13. Go on a cross country trip
  14. Go to China
  15. Go to Japan
  16. Go to Africa
  17. Drive the Audubon (rode on it, but didn't drive it)
  18. Travel the entire Silk Road
  19. Trace at least one of Paul’s missionary journeys
  20. Go to Switzerland
  21. Go to Austria
  22. Go to the Holy Land
  23. Take Tricia on a Romantic Italian Vacation (hopefully for our 10th)
  24. Go to Alaska
  25. Go to Australia
  26. Go to Hawaii
  27. Give back to Valley Forge Christian College
  28. Give back to Lanham Christian School
  29. Speak at a college commencement
  30. Be in all 50 states (28 down)
  31. Be a Father
  32. Pay my kids college
  33. Be a Grandfather
  34. Be a Great Grandfather
  35. See my children serve the Lord
  36. Trace my father’s genealogy
  37. Pay to take my entire family on a cruise
  38. Pastor a Mega-church
  39. Impact/Lead a denomination
  40. See many lives saved
  41. Own a Mercedes
  42. Drive a Tour Bus
  43. Drive an 18 wheeler
  44. Ride in a cockpit of a large jet
  45. Ride on a high speed train
  46. Run a mile
  47. Reconcile with Rich
  48. Be in great physical shape
  49. Pastor Pastors
  50. Serve as a Pro Football Team Chaplain

Notice that I leave the ones that I accomplish on the list to remember the realized dreams!

--Now, get dreaming. Make your list!