Shout to the Lord-- Idol Edition

Wildest thing happened....last night at the end of American Idol (Idol Gives Back), the 8 remaining contestants closed the show by singing the Hillsong worship song "Shout to the Lord". Pretty amazing. But, they left the name of Jesus out. They sang, "My Shepherd, my Savior...."

Tonight, they opened the show with the same song. The full song. And they put Jesus back in!! It was a fascinating thing to watch. Tricia and I just stared and smiled and looked at each other. I wanted to cry. We did'nt really know what to say. It was almost as if we did not have a basket to catch this in. 30 million viewers, saved and unsaved singers, national was moving and encouraging to watch. Praise the Lord. I hope millions of seeds were planted.

I googled it and read some reactions. After reading the first 20, I got pretty disgusted. If you want to read what I am talking about, Click here.