One week in America and...


Well, our family has been in the USA for one week now and...

  • ...we have felt so warmly and lovingly welcomed by our family, friends and church. It's been precious. So much warmth and peace all around. Really. 
  • ...the jetlag is over! It only took about 3-4 days. Jet lagging with kids is way more fun than without. ;-)
  • ...the re-entry has been way easier than previous visits. For Tricia and I and the kids, we have seemed to just slot right in. I think like most things in life, the more you do something, the easier it gets. Take heart, my fellow missionary gets easier. 
  • ...from arrival until 1 November, we are staying with an awesome friend (a lady in our church and on our MST named Ruth). Big house, loads of space, super thankful for this landing pad. On 1 November, we move into our own fully furnished place for 6 months! Woooohoooo! 
  • ...this weekend some angels from Pennsylvania delivered TWO cars to us! A Kia Rondo for Tricia and a Nissan Altima for me. They both run like brand new cars. The whole thing makes no earthly sense. In fact, the overall generosity everywhere we turn makes no sense other than God's grace and lavish love. 
  • ...our schedule has been fairly light (for this wild family). Next week Tricia and Davis will start homeschooling again, Lily will be in school and I will start engaging more with partners and such. 
  • ...of course, we miss South Africa and long for Tanzania (even started learning our Swahili flash cards as a family this week), but we feel rooted here for now....and it actually feels so right! God's time, God's place. Nowhere better to be. 

Would you pray with us that things keep going this well? We are grateful.