Pagan Christianity; Pastors and their Salaries

So, I am officially a fool for writing some of this online. But, it is so striking and provoking that I just cannot hold it.

Attention: should any member of the CCF Executive Board read this, know that I DO love my job and that I DO appreciate the paycheck. Thank you and God Bless. Sincerely, Noah Kaye
That said, here are some of the thoughts that Viola and Barna offer about Pastors and the Pastor's Salary:
  • Ephesians 4:11 is the ONLY verse in the Bible where the word Pastor is used. One solitary verse is a mighty scanty piece of evidence on which to hang the Protestant faith.
  • The NT never used the word clergy or laity and does not support the fact that there are those who do ministry (clergy) and those for whom ministry is done (laity).
  • The contemporary practice of ordination creates a special caste of Christian. The most important ministry is restricted to a few "special" believers.
  • Luther believed that the church was simply a "preaching station"...a gathering of people who listen to preaching.
  • Contrary to the early church, today pastoral care and soul care too often falls in the hands of one man- the Pastor.
  • "We believe that the pastoral office has stolen your right to function as a full member of Christ's body. It has distorted the reality of the body, making the Pastor a giant mouth and transforming you into a tiny ear. It has rendered you a mute spectator who is proficient at taking sermon notes and passing an offering plate."
  • Jesus Christ never intended anyone to sport all of the hats that a modern day pastor is expected to wear.
  • The demands of a pastor are crushing. They will drain any mortal dry.
  • Pastors live artificial lives and the pastoral role fosters dishonesty. Congregants expect their pastor to always be cheerful, completely spiritual, and available at a moments call. They also expect that he will have a perfectly disciplined family. Furthermore, he should never appear resentful or bitter. (yeah, right)
  • It is "lonely at the top" because God never intended anyone to be at the top-- except His Son!!
  • The contemporary pastor is the most unquestioned fixture in twenty first century Christianity. Yet not a strand of Scripture supports the existence of this office.
  • Ministers were unsalaried for the first three centuries. Constantine introduced it and it is a practice that has no root in the New Testament.
  • Giving a Pastor a salary elevates them above the rest of God's people. It creates a clerical caste that turns the living body of Christ into a business. Since the Pastor and his staff are compensated for ministry, they are paid professionals. The rest of the church lapses into a state of passive dependence.
  • Paying a Pastor encourages him to be a man pleaser. His meal ticket is attached to how much the congregation likes him. This he is not able to speak freely without the fear that he may lose some heavy tithers.
Understand that the author is NOT saying that there is no place for leaders in the church. However, he IS saying that the multi-faceted, high expectation, man-focused role that the "Pastor" is expected to play is unhealthy and unbiblical. No ONE PERSON in the body of Christ should ever carry so much of the load or the responsibility for the body. Jesus is the head, not the Pastor.
The author also noted that insecure Pastors will dislike this chapter. Personally, I think that insecure laypeople will as well.

Note: If you are bothered by, disagree with or interested in what you read-- BUY THE BOOK! In all fairness to the author, he does a fantastic job of providing extensive footnotes with Biblical and historical support for what he says. Before you conclude that he is crazy (or me, for that matter)-- read the book. I guarantee that you do not know more than the author on this topic!