The Truth about Tricia

Today is my wife's 3oth Birthday! I am so totally and completely blessed by this woman every day of my life. This blog post is dedicated to her. I wanna tell you the (good) truth about Tricia...unedited and uninterrupted by what anyone thinks:

  • She was born on St. Patrick's day-- but probably has no idea what it represents. We may have some green bagels and green beer. Okay, maybe not the beer.
  • She handles everything that pertains to Davis. Everything. I just "Daddy" him. She handles cleaning him, feeding him, dressing him, everything toys, everything, everything....
  • ...and she is a MARVELOUS Mommy to Davis.
  • She does all of our Laundry. I have not done a SINGLE LOAD OF LAUNDRY since we got married.
  • She handles all the finances. I participate in all the major decisions, but she does all the monthly bill paying, legwork and implementation. Thank you God!
  • She keeps the house clean. I do the dishes once for every 20 times she does them. (But, don't tell her because she does not realize it yet.)
  • She loves the mess out of kids. Any kids that are in her life. If a parent will let her love their kid, she will do it with her whole heart. She shows it to all of you through her ministry at the church.
  • She sweats me. Alright maybe not. But she loves me alot, alot. And she make me feel so special because of it.
  • Finally, she really, really loves her Lord Jesus with all her heart...and that is the truth about Tricia! Trust me, I live with her and I see her beautiful heart.
Sweetheart, you are one of the greatest gifts of Grace that I will ever receive.
Happy Birthday, Angel!!