Please Confront Me

It usually stings to get confronted by people. At least that's been my experience. We feel stupid. We feel attacked or judged. At least that's how I used to feel. I would most often feel this sense of discouragement. Picked on, not loved on. But over the last few years, all that has changed. Now, when I am confronted I feel so loved!! Deeply cared for. In fact, when someone helps me see where I dropped the ball, I feel so special. They care enough about me to help me instead of leave me the way I am. They love me so much that they're wiling to put themselves in an awkward position by telling me their feelings. Wow. How powerful.

Recently, I said something hurtful to a guy. Then, he came to me within the hour and told me. I was so thankful for him that it moved me to tears. He REALLY loved me that day. Instead of judgement, I got grace in the form of honesty.

Tricia asked me a few weeks ago to tell her what would make me feel more loved by her. One of the top three on my list was "do not hold back on me in places where I can grow to be more like Jesus"!

It's as simple as this: insecure and prideful people hate being confronted. Secure and humble people love it!

Which do you want to be?