The Family is Coming to America!

It's time for the Lily debut! Our family is coming to the states together for the first time since leaving home January 12, 2011! We will be in the USA from November 16 until December 31.

Our goals for the trip:

  1. Significant family time
  2. Connecting with Friends
  3. Sharing stories and visits with our financial and ministry partners
  4. Fundraise for our next term (will need new supporters!)
  5. Teach what we have learned and share the stories of God moving in the Nations! (Will lead a JDx in Maryland--details coming)

Here is how you could help us in our preparation:

  1. Connect us with potential new financial or ministry partners (maybe it is YOU!) We want to spend time with people sharing the vision and gaining the financial support we need to continue the work the Lord is doing.
  2. Invite us to come share our work and speak to crowds. This could be a church, bible study, board meeting, or a party you throw for us and all your friends. We still have some dates available.
  3. Plan a party for us and your friends or neighbors that do not follow Jesus yet!  Jesus has put it on our hearts to include people in the joy of what we do even if they are not "churched"! We would love to share what is happening in the world with plain ole good people that may not go to your church.
  4. Pray for us. We are looking for 45 people that will pray for the 45 days we are in the USA. Would you be one?

44 days and we depart! Looking forward to seeing you.  Will you help us make the trip a success?