As I expected, our youth Sunday yesterday morning was spectacular! (Incidentally, I sat in the middle section of the church with my family and never moved from my seat to the stage once! It was weird, but good!) I told my Youth Pastor that they hit a home run...to which he replied "No, we hit a grand slam because CCF already has the bases loaded!" Let that mean whatever you want for you. ;-)

After service yesterday, a young lady in our church approached me and told me that the Fearless production on Saturday night really spoke to her and when she went home, she wrote a poem. She often does this. She loves to write poetry and expresses her feelings this way. Her name is Jesse Coffey and she gave me permission to share this poem with you:

I fear only God, it's Him that I trust
To honor and love Him, this is a must
When you're going through troubles He'll carry you through
His strength and His love will help you renew
As I go through this life my worries are less
Your story has taught me to boldly stay "FEARLESS!"