The Red Cups...always a good day!

When I was doing my devotions at one of my satellite offices this morning (Starbucks in Bowie), I was reminded of what happened last week that I never told you about...

I went in to get my morning coffee and I noticed that the menu was red, Christmas decorations were out and the THE RED CUPS were back!! Starbucks always switches to red cups for the Christmas season. I look forward the "red cup day" every year. It means that the holidays are upon us! I love the return of the red cups!

Well, I reacted aloud when I walked in and saw the red cups. I told the employees how happy I was that this day was here! The lady ringing me out said "thank you so much for saying that...people have been complaining all morning that it is too early for the red cups! It is good to hear someone positive!" When I handed her my money to pay, she refused it and told me to have a good day! Free coffee as a reward for a positive comment!

Man, I should have ordered breakfast and a new coffee maker!