Precisiely why we stay flexible...

I have said over and over again on Sunday mornings this year, that we must remain open, flexible and reliant on the Holy Spirit regarding our Sunday Messages. As we process through our purpose as a church, we need to allow the Holy Spirit to shape us and our direction.

I say that to say this: something cool happened at Staff Meeting yesterday. While we were sharing and processing together about the pulse of our community here at CCF, we felt the Holy Spirit lead us to a strong realization. This church is made up of a pretty sizable group of joiners and a pretty sizable group of belongers!

Who are joiners? Who are belongers? Why is it important to know? And what does it mean for us?

Pastor Nelson and I decided that we needed to team teach on this on Sunday! We know God is in it. We will be pulling up the couches and doing some community talk. We are about to spend the day preparing! Pray for us.