Satanic Toys? Really?


(Warning: Another post to boost my popularity….NOT!)

About a month ago, our local supermarket began giving out little rubber “Stickeez" figures with each grocery purchase of R150. The kids have gone crazy. I Instagramed about it last week (pic above). It’s been crazy fun in our house. Most of these little things are animals or crazy looking characters. We have now made one set for Davis and Lily and have helped other kids finish theirs. 

Well, the other day while scrolling Facebook, I see this:


And here is what it said below the picture:

“Recently, we have been receiving reports regarding small toys, given to children by tellers at an ubiquitous South African supermarket. We decided to investigate.
“These things are disgusting!” So says a renowned demonisticologist we approached, who prefers to stay anonymous due to his reasonable fear of the all-powerful Pick n Pay management.
“These ‘Stickeez’ (sic) are clearly miniature demons,” he continues. “There can be absolutely no doubt these are not harmless toys but satanistic fetishes, designed to soften up our children for subsequent satanic penetration.”
Why is Pick n Pay trying to get our children involved in the occult? Are they also behind the recent emergence of the Mozambican demon game “Charlie Charlie” in our schools? The answers to these ‪‎important‬ questions remain unclear.

Are you kidding me? I initially thought…”oh, a funny joke!”  I wish it was. These people are for real. These little rubber toys are stealing our children away to Satan.  

It is actually hard for me to put into words how this makes me feel. But I guess the best word is SAD. I am sad. 

I am sad that Christians act this way. What a massive embarrassment to our faith and testimony. 

I am sad that Christians have found Jesus and His spirit to be so weak and useless in their lives and the lives of their kids that knowing him and living in his life is so terribly brittle and fragile that a piece of rubber can drag them away. 

I am sad that Christians have so much faith in Satan, that they give him so much credit and power and influence in their lives. Everything is his and power and authority has been given to him to attach his name to whatever he wants, and then they believe it! 

I am sad that Christians would miss out on a brilliant opportunity to connect with their kids because of their weird religious thinking. What a shame.

I am sad that this kind of thought and fear-teaching runs so rampant. And I am sad that people buy it. 

I am sad that my brothers and sisters miss out on living life to the fullest and miss the joy and freedom and liberty of what it means to walk with Christ, led by HIS SPIRIT! The Spirit of freedom and peace and joy…the spirit that always defeats darkness. 

It is so much deeper than Stickeez. It is mindset that affects all of life.