Talking behind people’s back


Gossip is destructive. It tears people down and breaks relationships. But it’s also strongly gratifying for some people…even addictive. Something about it boosts self image and self-righteousness. Hence, many folks “talk bad about others behind their back”— a common saying that suggests gossip. (I have written about gossip here and here.)

Over the years, as Holy Spirit has worked gossip out of my life more and more, I have learned to speak more honoring about people…to build people up. I enjoy it. I often do it naturally and personally, to their face.

Recently, I “coined” a new phrase to combat an old one…instead of talking bad behind people’s backs, let’s start “talking good about people behind their back”!  How awesome is it to heap honor on someone who is not even around…to share all the beautiful things about who they are to others. It builds. It edifies. I have been doing this more and more recently and it’s super fun.

So, I invite you to start talking about people more behind their backs….but, make it GOOD. Say things in a way that if they were listening in, they would feel joy.

Let’s do it. Let’s talk good about people behind their back!