Relationship Weekend Details

I like to use my blog to share stuff that is fresh out of the oven. My hope is that it keeps you coming back. I appreciate that you are a reader. Let me share some more of the details of our upcoming Relationship Weekend.

Relationship Weekend!

Saturday, February 9th- Sunday February 10th!

Providing leadership for our weekend will be Dr. Ron Hall and his wife Linda. Dr. Hall and Linda have been married for 27 years and have three sons. Ron Hall is currently in his ninth year at Valley Forge Christian College serving as a full time faculty member and Church Ministries Chair. Prior to this he pastored and planted churches for eighteen years. Dr. Hall’s specialty is life and relationship development. His doctoral work surrounded relationships among individuals, families, Christians, non-believers and churches. He has worked with thousands of couples and students on relationship issues.

Saturday, February 9th:

9:30am-11:30am- Specific Session for Married Couples! Fresh tools and hope for a healthier marriage!

1:00pm-2:30pm- General Session on healthy communication and relationships. This is a session for all! Teaching will apply to relationships at home and at work!

7:30pm- Evening of Inspirational music with Trevor Hall, Acoustical guitarist (will post more details about Trevor and this event in a later blog)

Sunday, February 10th:

8:30am & 10:30am Morning Services, Dr. Ron Hall will be sharing a Biblical message on the theme of “Equipping for Healthy Relationships”

Also, there will be more music from Acoustical Guitarist, Trevor Hall in both morning services.

Look forward to YOU being a part of this special weekend! Start inviting people now! Direct them to my blog for now or plan to pick up a flyer for the event this Sunday!