Reproduction or Death. Your Call.

If a species of animals stops mating and reproducing, it becomes extinct. If everyone in your family line stops making babies, your family tree will not expand anymore.

This is a natural and inarguable fact of life. Non-reproduction ends in non-growth and ultimately death.

Now, let me shift to the gospel and the mission of God. We are asked to go and make disciples. We know that God wants his church to go everywhere! And he wants every single person and nation to meet him and love him.

THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN WITHOUT REPRODUCTION! Another word for reproduction is multiplication.

A leader is not a leader unless he is making other leaders.

A prophet is not a prophet unless he is making other prophets.

An apostle is not an apostle if he is not making other apostles.

A disciple is not a disciples if he is not making other disciples.

A church is not a church if it is not making other churches.

Success in the kingdom = Reproduction and Multiplication.

20,000 people in a church is not success. Replication of leaders and churches is. Who cares that you have 500 or 50,000 people in your church if it is not reproducing. Give me 10 people that treasure and live reproduction and they will leave that group of 50,000 in the dust.

I was in a meeting recently with David Watson and he said this: "I will not disciple anyone who is not discipling others.  Reproduction is a value and I will not violate it. If you are not reproducing, you do not get my time." //WOW!

Reproduction is one of the main reasons that my heart has become so attracted to simple church structures and relational disciple making.  IT IS REPRODUCIBLE!

This really has me thinking.  What do you think? How are you doing at multiplication in your church and life?