All Over The World

Today was amazing.  I spent 8 hours of this day with a group of Kenyan church leaders who are hungry and ready for a fresh move of God! It was one of those days that the Lord chose to speak loudly at get my attention, open my eyes and show me some things. The more I travel around, the more countries I visit, the more people I meet, the more conversations I have, I am realizing a few things that are giving me tons and tons of hope and joy!  My Kenyan brothers and sisters filled me with hope today! May I share it with you?

  • God is moving all over the world
  • God is preparing people all over the world. He is getting soil ready for a harvest!
  • There are people becoming sick and tired of ineffectiveness for the Lord all over the world.
  • There is a growing "holy frustration" all over the world.
  • People are hungry for a fresh move of God all over the world. 
  • People are feeling the same things growing in their hearts all over the world.
  • People all over the world are asking the same questions.
  • People all over the world are weary of the same churchy games.
  • People all around the world are hearing a new trumpet sound.
  • People all over the world are changing the direction of their trot.
  • All across the world, people are joining a structural revolution and reformation in the church.
  • All over the earth, God is raising up people and communities committed to being faithful disciple makers.
And the end of the story is that the glory of God will fill the earth and every knee will bow to the Christ, the son of the Living God!

I am coming to believe that we are reaching the tipping point. The party is starting.  And I don't think there is any stopping us now.

How about joining in?  Come on.

"The gospel of the good news will be preached in all nations, and then the end will come." Matthew 24:14