Rules of Marriage

I really enjoy working with couples who are preparing to get married. This is that time of the year when we are preparing for summer weddings. I usually talk a tad more honestly with couples than they'd prefer. You're surprised, huh? I like it that way. It makes things more exciting. You know, every couple wants to hear their Pastor talk about sex! ;-)

Well, one of the things that Tricia and I always make sure that we share with couples are some of the "rules" that we agreed on since day one. The values and standards that I will share below are mutually agreed on and faithfully honored by both Tricia and I. It helps us love each other and the Lord more and prevents the enemy from gripping

us. Here are some of the rules we live by in our marriage:
  1. No cussing at each other (it's ok to cuss with each other, just not at each other--obviously, I am joking, but they are different.).
  2. No hitting each other (in my home, she would win anyway).
  3. No hitting things (walls, doors, dashboards, etc.).
  4. Throwing is the same as hitting. It is a outward physical expression of anger (same as hitting).
  5. No storming out and fleeing the scene in battle. (unless #'s 1, 2, 3 or 4 are about to happen).
  6. No using the "D" word of the "S" word. This is super important- get this. I am thankful that in 8 years of marriage, the words "divorce" or "separation" have never been surfaced in our relationship. When we got married, it was forever. Divorce and separation is not an option for us. Couples mention this possibility with way too much ease!!! Read that last sentence again please. Divorce is NOT something to be thrown around like an option. It is not! The first time you blurt it out may be out of emotion. The 20th time, it become extremely real and very possible! Beware.