World Malaria Day

Every year almost one million people die from malaria which is caused by a mosquito bite. 4 out of 5 of those deaths are in children under the age of 5. Malaria is a constant threat to millions of people in more than 40% of the countries of our world.

Today - April 25, 2010 is World Malaria Day. It is a day to celebrate the giant strides that have been made in those countries in the world that have successfully eradicated malaria, but it is also a day for deep reflection. This is because even today 2,000 children could lose their lives because of malaria, the same thing could happen tomorrow and the day after that.

Malaria can easily be prevented by using a a bed net which will keep the mosquitoes out. Many of the people who need to know this do not, and many of those who do know, do not have the resources needed to purchase a bed net.

This video below was shown in our service this morning and was created by Abiola Adelaja-Johnson, a dear Partner at CCF! You can learn more about her organization, the Remi Foundation, by CLICKING HERE! There are many ways that you can participate in this.