Sex & Stuff

Okay, I am getting silly excited about a series that I'll be teaching at CCF starting February 14th. For 3 weeks, we will focus on SEX and discover in new ways what the Bible teaches and what God seems to have in mind for how we approach sex.

Should be a really hands on topic. After last Sunday, I think that I will be more equipped to preach this having discovered synonyms for the word "horny".
Here is a preview of where the Lord is leading this:
  • We will attack some elephants in the room. Things that you may not have heard discussed at church before.
  • We will look at sex and marriage & sex and singleness.
  • I plan to spend some time discussing homosexuality.
  • We will spend some time looking at the power of sexual secrets and how to get help.
  • We will redefine cheating, and look at the 12 steps to having an affair in hopes that we can avoid them.
  • I pray we collapse some of the lies the enemy has fed us.
Starting Valentines Day....SEX & STUFF!! See you there.