Sex This Sunday

I'm sure that title caught your attention! I am really excited about beginning our series entitled "Sex & Stuff" this Sunday at CCF! I plan to tackle some topics that will need t0 be tackled and say some things that need to be said. Plan to squirm a tad, because you are probably not used to discussing this stuff in church. Oh, well. I encourage you to be present and open your heart to some things that the Lord may want you to hear and to face. He is with us!

I'm coordinating with Pastor TC to have our youth present for this as well. We need to get our heads out of the sand and realize that media is educating our young people about sex in totally inappropriate ways. I strongly believe that it is past time for the church to stand up and weigh in on sex and what it is really all about!!
See you Sunday. Invite someone to join you. If you know someone that thinks that churches are fake...invite them Sunday, and see if they still believe that. We are about to get real.
-Pastor Noah