Snowmageddon, Snowdepression!

While watching the news yesterday, there was a segment about how being stranded inside during the snow impacts mental health. I heard the lady use the words "irritable" and "frustrated" but not able to define why. She shared that being stranded in the house for days on end can have a negative effect on our mental health. She even sad that it can lead to increased anxiety and situational depression. Just last night a friend of mine was telling me how upset one of her coworkers was that she could not make it to work, because she "needed to feel needed."

Some of you are just fine with all this snow and all this being stuck! Great! Enjoy it! But, I suspect there may be some of us that are feeling some feelings that we don't much care for. If so, let me offer you a few thoughts:
  • You are normal!! First, if it helps at all, let me confess my own increased frustration and "funk" over the last few days. This is been hard for me. But, we need to normalize stuff more. I think that you are really normal if you are feeling a tad down with all this down time!
  • Routine = Security. Next, it dawns on me that for many of us our routine is attached to our security. If we maintain our routine and rhythm, our lives maintain a sense of normality. When we break that pattern, it throws some things off for us and we all react to that with different feelings. Maybe you are supposed to learn something this week. Don't miss it.
  • Misassigned value? This is HUGE for so many of us. I fundamentally believe that people find their value in the wrong stuff. If we are in Christ, we are called to find our value in him. However, all of us struggle to some degree with finding our value in earthly possession and position. Pay attention to this. Perhaps you think that you are "something" because of your role at work. And this week, you have not had that security to rely on. Maybe God wants to show you that you are "something" because he gave you "everything" in his son, Jesus Christ!, relax, and reflect today.

Or...tackle a project or two around the house that you have been putting off! Go for it!
Much love!
PS- Isn't it amazing how the Lord's power allows him to shut a city down with the snap of his finger??