Things I Need to Share Today...

Trying to organize my head today and thought I would do it with you...
  • I am really excited to begin our Sex & Stuff series at CCF this Sunday. If the weather impacts us, I will cry! ;-) BTW- CCF'rs, prepare to arrive early if you want a good place to park. Not because I am preaching on sex, but because of the massive snow piles obstructing half our parking spaces.
  • I am also excited to marry Brian Wood and Juanita Hall on Saturday. Great couple. And this will be the 3rd of 3 Wood sons that I have married. Starts to show how long we have been at CCF!
  • In case you have not heard, CCF will be hosting the movie screening of "Lord Save us From your Followers." Click here to check it out. It will be at 7pm on next Thursday, February 18th!
  • We are really getting excited about the "Beyond Idols Worship Tour" coming in concert to CCF on Sunday, March 14th for our International Sunday! It is going to ROCK! Save the date and get your "invite" on! (This only 4 weeks out!!)
  • We are also growing in our anticipation of our "Dwelling, Passion Experience" planned for the Holy Week! It is scheduled for Wednesday night, March 31st at 7pm! Want to be in it? See Angella Foster this Sunday!
PLEASE pray with us that weather stops interrupting our gatherings! Geez!