Since Arriving in America...

Since arriving in America...

  • I am over jet lag. Took 2 days.
  • I am carrying more faith in God's provision than I have in a long time.
  • I am thankful for my family in ways I cannot express.
  • I realize the depth of relationships that we had formed with friends in our life and church in our last season of life and ministry. I LOVE these people. A lot.
  • I feel like I am forgetting to call or reach out to important people. So they better reach out to me. ;-)
  • I am sad at some of what I hear and see around me. In the culture. And in the Christians. But I do not blame them. And I need to have grace, not judgement.
  • I am EXTREMELY excited each day about the next person I get to see and hug.
  • I am impressed with my son's emotional fortitude. Yet concerned about his little heart. This is a lot to take in. And he feels so confused when people act like he should remember them.
  • I am thrilled for the honor to speak to and influence Pastors, starting tomorrow.
  • I am trusting God for $25,000 in gifts!
  • I am trusting God for ALL of our current financial partners to remain with us and even increase.
  • And I am trusting God for new financial partners.
  • And I believe in Faith that he will do it.
  • Because since arriving here, I am more sure than I was before, that we are right where we are supposed to be.