Some things that God has been showing me...

There are a few things that I feel like God has been showing me over the last few days. I want to capture them now and share them or else I am afraid that I will forget them. My mind is spinning right now as it is.

  • Phillipinas 4:7 has new meaning for me. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Sometimes we need peace to come and replace our need for understanding. This has been one of those times for Jake and Michelle. I have been asking God for a peace that replaces their longing for understanding! We lack understanding when tragedies like this happen. There is no explanation and there are no answers to the many questions that Michelle and Jake have tonight! So, since there is no way to gain human understanding, divine God, grant peace!
  • Brayden went from love to love! Born into a family of love, lived 17 months of love, and was ushered into the courts of a God of love. Brayden skipped the awkwardness of adolescence, the pain of a teen break-up, the identity crisis of the twenties, the mid life crisis of the forties....he skipped all that crap. He went from love to love. He never knew the pain that we do!
  • I have heard it said that the goal of every parent is to see their child make it to heaven. Well, if that was true for Jake and Michelle, they reached their goal and they beat many of us to it! Brayden made it to heaven on Friday.