Do you want to help this family?

Perhaps you know Jake and Michelle and you want to help or perhaps you do not know them, but you want to help. There are two main ways that you can help them:

  1. Pray fervently for them!! Not just today and tomorrow, but for weeks and months!
  2. Send them a card with money in it!! They are stressed about finances, paying for a funeral, medical bills, neither can afford to miss work but need to for a while...they just need financial help. They have such a heavy load to carry that the last thing that they need to is to be worried about money. So, I am shooting straight with you here...if you know them or not and you feel led to help...send them money to:
Made out to: Jake & Michelle Zieg
Mailed to: 117 St. Awdry St.
Summerville SC, 29485