Tired Mind, Thankful Heart

Stealing a few minutes away at the end of an emotionally exhausting day to get my thoughts together before bed.

Today was tough and amazing all at the same time.

It was tough for many reasons....the main one being that we went with Jake and Michelle to see little Brayden's body for a final private viewing. The experience cannot be described with words. If you have done this before, you know what we experienced. If you have not ever seen a baby casket with a baby in it, there are not words to explain it. Period. I will say this. we knew and felt that people were praying.

Today was amazing in many ways too. God's strength and grace evidenced itself throughout the day. We knew there were moments that were humanly overwhelming and then they would be followed by moments that were divinely orchestrated. That divine intervention came today in the form a laughter a few times (nothing better than seeing Jake and Michelle smile) and in the form of encouraging words and thoughts that were shared that we knew had to be from God himself!

Tomorrow will be beautiful and difficult. The church was prepared by many helping hands tonight and the service plan for tomorrow feels really led of the Lord. Me and their Pastor Phil will be sharing leadership of the funeral service. We both KNOW that the Lord will be glorified through this tragedy, so we want it to start right away. We will be inviting people to respond to God tomorrow. Please be praying. I have a sense that as difficult as this will be, there will be a very strong sense of the presence of God with us all tomorrow...especially with Jake and Michelle.