Stuff Christians Like

Last week I finished a book called "Stuff Christians Like." If you are lighthearted, enjoy laughing, appreciate sarcasm, and have been around the church for a number of years, you would find this book refreshing and hilarious. Blogger John Acuff began the site, Stuff Christians Like as a mock of the popular "Stuff White People Like." After blogging enough, he put the best content into a book.

Acuff brings out some funny stuff addressing everything from:
  • The players in a prayer circle- giving them each a name/position
  • The kind of car a Pastor should drive
  • The truth about Christians and alcohol
  • Love Offerings
  • Missions trip boyfriends, girlfriends and souvenirs that don't match your house
  • Campfire testimonials
The entire thing is a hoot. There are about 4 pages of seriousness in the whole book, so only get it if you are ready to laugh-- and laugh at yourself.