The Selfless Disciple

I am passionate about discipleship! And I am continually fascinated to learn new things about being a disciple myself and making disciples of others. Here's a reality of discipleship that has been growing in my heart. Discipleship is by very nature, selfless. That is what makes it so beautiful. And so unlike most things we know. Check this out...

A disciple loves God deeply- and this is all about GOD and not themselves.

A disciple of Jesus loves other people sacrificially - about others!

A disciple loves the lost and works tirelessly to see their lives changed - all about people far from God, not themselves.

Discipleship is intentional relationship with others-- so their lives are changed.

Disciples know the value of self discovery that it is not ME that has to tell you everything.

Discipleship is obedience based...about God and his desires, not mine.

A good disciple knows that local trusted leaders are the best leaders and they train and rely on others, rather than build things around their gifts and skills.

Discipleship is emptying my cup into yours.  It's all about the other.

I love the selfless nature of discipleship.