A Checklist for Teaching

Much of what I do is geared toward training and teaching leaders. And I am on a steep learning curve working to learn how to effectively train and teach in a way that actually sticks and transforms. Do you teach or train others? Perhaps you too can benefit from this. It refers to church, but can be applied broadly.

A checklist to evaluate how you train workers: 1. Is it obedience oriented, and does it have accountability? 2. Does it give responsibility to those being trained? 3. Does it lead to multiplication? 4. Is it simple? Have you asked, What can we leave out? Or do you ask, What can we squeeze in? 5. Is it actually reproducing disciples? Or just theoretically “reproducible”? 6. Is it based on self-discovery? Or does the trainer just dump content? 7. Does everything lead to forming churches?

(I actually cannot recall where I got this, but I like it and have found it helpful.)