Two Honeymoons a Year


Our Member Care Team at Eastern Mennonite Missions have some pretty nifty policies. One of their "requirements" for married couples is that they take 2 honeymoons a year. They value healthy marriages and push each couple to find space and resources for two honeymoon getaways each year. If even for a night or two. This is in addition to normal vacation leave. 

So, we do it! And we love it. Actually, we've come to value it so much that we depend on it as a couple. This weekend we'll be on a honeymoon at a secret hideaway only two miles from our home. No! Kids! They're old enough to take care of themselves now. For goodness sake, they're 8 & 3...they got this. 

What about you? Are you married? Have you developed a rhythm for times set apart for each other?