The world is ending


(Spoiler alert: This post may offend some people, but it is not my intention.) 

I hear so much doomsday theology out there. "Christians" thinking the world is ending, the stock market is crashing, a natural disaster is coming...

Yesterday I got this email from a friend in China:

Hi Noah, just wanted to ask your opinion on all of the "doomsday" stuff going out on social media at the moment predicting total wipe out of stocks etc.?

Feeling a tad spunky and bold these days, I decided to shoot straight in my answer.  Here was my reply:

Hello my friend. Without going into too much detail and with the risk of sounding quite frank, I'll give you my uncensored answer. It's a lot of BS and these things require much discernment. Many of the people talking about end times and the world falling apart are highly religious… And I don't mean the good kind of religious. Most of this talk employs fear tactics which in my opinion are anti-kingdom.

The way of Christ is the way of peace and hope. And perfect love drives out all fear. So I choose to invest my energy, language and theology toward radical kingdom love and stay out of all of this other craziness.

If the world crumbles, my loving father is ready to receive me. Meanwhile let's just love the lord with all our hearts and love people. So much more fun that way! 

Is that too honest or offensive?


Now, here is the challenge for me...I need the Lord to help me keep a pure heart toward those who I disagree with. Real love cannot pick and chose who it will extend itself to. I must be just as driven to love the religious and afraid as I am anyone else.