Jesus locked in a church


So, I've been conducting a 3 year long experience. I like to talk to strangers and make new friends. I know. You're surprised. I will often come right out and bring Jesus up. I'll say something like: 

 "I'm really fascinated with Jesus. He is so incredible. I love him so much. Do you know Jesus? Do you love Jesus? What do you think of him?"

And here's the reply 95% of the time:

"Yeah, I go to church every Sunday!" 

Church? I never asked you if you went to church. I asked you about Jesus.  I understand the connection and the response. But it's very revealing. 

It completely terrifies me that so few "Chrsitians" can manage a normal discussion about the person of Jesus without bringing up a church.  

Is Jesus locked up in a church or alive in our lives?  

Let's talk more about Jesus! And let's not limit our discovery of and connection to Him to a certain time and place.