Two Ways to Wait


Waiting. It's what we do as we are expecting our next baby to arrive. ..Any day now. 

Waiting. It's what we do as we anticipate God's provision and direction for our family in this coming season.  

Waiting. It's what the advent season we are entering is about- hopeful expectation. 

Waiting. An idea that was pushed out more meaningfully last week when my mentor, Glenn prayed for a faith-filled waiting. He got me thinking. 

We are all waiting on something. Think about HOW you are waiting. 

Here's what I realized. There are two types of waiting.  

  1. There is passive, faithless waiting. Waiting with no hope, no engagement, no expectation. A boring and fatalistic waiting. Whatever will be, will be. Not the kind of waiting that engages anything in the natural or the spiritual.
  2. And thre is a faithful, faith-filled waiting. Waiting with hope, expectation, joy. The "wait upon the Lord...and soar like eagles" kind of waiting. The kind of patient waiting that awakens God's heart and stirs your soul. 

The first misses the formation IN the waiting. 

The second realizes that the formation may BE the waiting. 

How are you waiting?