Watch Me

Three times in the last month, I have heard people share about how they have modeled their quiet time with the Lord to people they are discipling.  At first I thought it as it draws attention to ourselves and our piety. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought: "Man, I wish someone would have shown me how to spend time with Jesus on a regular basis." Today, one of the guys that I disciple spent the day with our family and I asked him if he would like to watch me spend my daily time with the Lord.  He was keen to do so. So, we went into a room where there would be no distractions.  I told him that he was welcome to just watch and listen, but that he was also welcome to contribute and share as well if he wanted to. So, I proceeded to do my normal thing:

  • Worship.  Expressing to God how deeply I love him.
  • Needs. Praying into things that the are in my heart or that the Holy Spirit reminds me of.
  • Journal what I am sensing and hearing from Jesus during prayer.
  • Scripture. We read 3 chapters in Genesis and 1 chapter in Matthew.
  • Journal again what I heard from Jesus in the Bible passages I read.
  • Obedience: Is there anything specific that Jesus is asking me to do today? Write it.

This is how I do it.  It is how I spend my time with Jesus. Everyone is different.

But, today, my friend watched me. He had never seen this before.

Yes, I modeled devotions to someone staring at me.

Was it awkward? Sure. A little.

Was it worth it? Yes! You better believe it.

"I can do this" he said, as we concluded our time.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes we neglect teaching the most important things?