Wealth in Poverty

There is wealth in poverty!

What is your dream? What is your vision? Mine is to see Disciple Making Movements cover the earth until the whole world loves and worships the Creator God.  Big dream, I know.

But, regardless of the size of your dream, the very most important resource that will help you in accomplishing it is people. People are 90% of what is needed to change a population or see a vision become a reality.

And now think in terms of successful organizations...personnel is also usually 90% of the cost! Only about 10% is other materials.

We work in a very poor community in Africa. And guess what? Even the poorest community in the world has the most precious tool within it. It has people.  It has the most expensive part of the budget already in place.  It has people.

So, no matter the dream you have or the community you look at, have the eyes to see that it has what it needs to be transformed.

Are we really going to fret about the 10% we may not have for bells and whistles we may not need, while we overlook that 90% that we do?

Yes, there is wealth in poverty!

(Inspired by my time today with David Watson. He used the phrase today and I built on it.)