Not a Coincidence

imagesIn recent years the unrest, war and terror in our world have been sharply increasing. I have to be honest. I don't really get the Middle East. I'm gonna guess I'm not alone. I bet many of you don't either. I don't fully understand all the issues. All the underlying brokenness. All the fighting. All the riots. All the different strands of Islam. And why they fight each other. What I do understand is this: Jesus wants to see his name worshipped in every corner of the earth!! And it's not happening yet. I also understand that any peace outside of the peace of Jesus is a counterfeit peace.  And any love outside of the love of my loving Father is a counterfeit love. So, regardless of all I don't know and don't understand about the complexities of our world's conflict and the political turmoil right now, I'm here. Writing this from the very center of where bombs and swords and hatred are taking lives. And regardless of all I don't know....I DO know that Jesus is the only hope for healing. And so we've gathered. To storm the throne of God for breakthrough.

The timing is not a coincidence. On the very week that the kingdoms of this world (even my country of origin) decide to take violent action to solve the problems, we gather to admit that we cannot solve the problems. It's not a coincidence that just after nations decide to conquer, we gathered to surrender. As citizens of this upside down kingdom, we can't take matters into our own hands, we have no option but to place things in God's hands. And this is no coincidence. Actually, I think it's a divine symbol.

The bottom line is clear and simple: the world is in desperate need of healing and peace...and it can only find it in Jesus, the prince of peace.

So, we are praying like crazy and strategizing with the help of the Holy Spirit. We need people to GO! Maybe it's you?