African Friends & Money Matters

20120502-222711.jpgThis week I am aiming to finish up a few books that I had half read. I often get halfway through a book, think I've got the gist and lay it down. The problem is that this clashes with my desire to finish that which I start. Plus I'll not review and blog about a book I have not read in full.

Anyway, today I completed the book "African Friends and Money Matters". I'm short, I'll say that this is a must, must, must read for any westerner serving in Africa. This book will save you money, energy, embarrassment and relationships. And above all, it will de-ignorant (like my new word?) you and help you to love Africans through understating them.

Make no mistake about it, there are major, major cultural differences between a westerner and an African. And some of the stuff in this book will shock you.

I will probably write a follow up blog to this one where I will list out some of the most costly cultural clashes.