JDx. A Game Changer.

I love All Nations.  I probably do not give enough shout outs to the place we get the privilege of serving.  Sent by Eastern Mennonite Missions, we serve with All Nations in Cape Town with the legend, Floyd McClung and a host of other missional geniuses. Here is our website. All Nations runs a 5 month Church Planting School (CPx) that you have heard me share about before. It is life changing for those that experience it.  It was for Tricia and I. And the stuff taught in CPx is brilliantly biblical and radically fresh. CPx trains church planters for the nations with movements in mind and heart.

But here is the problem: Not everyone can or should come to Cape Town for 5 months. For financial, practical and missional reasons. I can say more about that later.

Which led us to an opportunity: Let's extract the best of the best values from the 5 month CP training and put it into a shorter, mobile, portable, teachable curriculum that can be taken anywhere by any of our staff.

And then, let's publish it, distribute it and give it away to the nations.

So we did just that!

I rallied a team together and drove them through a 4 month process of completing our first release of JDx; Jesus Discipleship Experience...7 Counterintuitive Values of Disciple Making and Church Planting. 

We released it to Staff April 15th. It is already being taught in 4 countries in 3 weeks.

JDx is already proving to be a game changer.  The curriculum can be taught in 1 day, 1 weekend, 1 week or 2 weeks. It can be adopted to any audience.  It can reprogram lifelong leaders or set new leaders in motion with proper DNA.

We are offering one in Cape Town July 7-14 that you can register for it HERE.

I am currently making plans personally to lead JDx's in a number of countries that I have been invited to bring this to already.

I anticipate that the JDx training will take off and fly many places. People want something fresh, something simple, something biblical, something faithful....and now we can take it and give it away...for the glory of the King.