Lily Broke Her Arm

20120501-213244.jpgAll was well. Other than Tricia falling down the stairs at 3 this morning (and not hurting herself), we had a smooth trip from Cape Town to Joburg. Then there's Joburg! Where we had to ride a bus way out to the tarmac where our Nairobi-bound plane sat. Then we were sent back to the terminal. Then back to the plane again. Then back to the terminal again. Then back to the plane again. Yup, that was three trips if you were counting with me. All while standing. And all with zero communication from any South African Airways staff. We thought we were on candid camera. The third trip was most enjoyable because this was the one were Tricia lost her balance and fell INTO the stroller. Yes, picture Tricia sitting on Lily's lap and you're with me. Again, no injuries. Just a screaming baby, a shaken up family and scared onlookers- who then were kind enough to surrender a seat for Tricia and Lily.

Stay with me. It gets better.

Why three trips to the plane? A broken windshield on the plane. That's why. That would have been a bad day had they missed that one in the checklist. So, after being assigned a new aircraft, we took the bus back to the Tarmac and boarded. Perfect flight up the road to Nairobi. Short four hour flight.

After landing, disembarking, getting Visas for all four of us, and collecting our luggage, we were met by a man holding a sign for us. A nice taxi driver named John. A Nairobi native.

On our way to the Mennonite Guest House where we are staying, I hear Lily let out a painful scream- one we have never heard! I knew something had happened. Tricia was holding Lily in the back seat with our stroller standing between Davis and she (the only place for it as the small trunk held all our suitcases). Here is what happened: Tricia went to pick Lily up to reposition her and and didn't know that her little arm had been caught between the stroller parts and it badly injured her.

Here is what we know: she could not move her arm. She screamed worse when we touched it. If we lifted it, it was limp. It felt odd and out of shape. We waited a bit and decided that she had likely broken her arm and we better try to find a hospital. So, here we are, less than 60 minutes in Kenya, Lily's arm is broken and we are checking in at a very questionable medical facility. We were calm, but deeply concerned.

Then, before going back up to the counter to finalize registration and pre-payment, I felt God tell me to pray over her and trust him in faith. I obeyed. When I touched her body, I felt something go through me. I thought I may be feeling God. Or my emotions surging. Something.

I walked off and went back to the counter. Less than a minute later, Davis is pulling on my shirt demanding that I return to Mommy. Tricia didn't wait. She came to me trembling and said "Look, I can move her arm! Look, Noah!" I excused myself from the counter, took Lily over to a hospital cot lying near the counter and inspected her. I pulled and pushed and twisted her little arm. Again and again. She laid there smiling and laughing like it was play time. She was healed!!!! God healed Lily! I know He did. Tricia knows he did!!

I was overcome by the holy spirit as I went back to the counter to fetch my stuff and cancel the registration. I looked at the lady and said "Miss, I am sorry for the trouble. Please cancel everything. All I can tell you is that our daughter's arm was broken or badly injured when we arrived here. And I prayed for her and God healed her!"

And we departed, found our driver (who had our bags, seeing as how we had just left the airport) and went on our way.

Now we are at peace in our lovely room at the Mennonite Guest House, had a great dinner and even snagged a wifi signal for this update.

What a story.

What a God!

He heals! We saw it today with our own eyes.