What it's all about

Some Sunday mornings I just don't feel like I am in a groove and don't feel like I am communicating as clearly as I can. However, I am finding an interesting pattern in ministry. The Sundays that I feel like I am off are without fail the ones that the Lord is ON. HE is always on! When you ground out, he hits a home run. At the conclusion of the service today, 3 people indicated that they wanted to make a first time commitment to Christ. After service this morning, I had the privilege to lead a seeker into a first time commitment to Christ. I invited one of our lay leaders (a Lady) to join with me as we led this broken, open-hearted lady into the family of God. It was one of these powerful conversion experiences where you just know that the Holy Spirit is at work. This is what it's all about! Lord, teach us to be faithful as we disciple this and every new believer.