What it's all about...part 2

OK, as if yesterday wasn't cool enough (see yesterday's post), I got this incredible email from Tricia this morning. It reminded me that we are BOTH IN "THE MINISTRY!!" In case you are reading this blog and do not know this...my wife Tricia is a first grade school teacher at a local Christian School. Here is a direct quote from Tricia's email this morning.

"No amount of money in the world could have paid me today. My Muslim student came to me after Bible Class today in tears and told me she didn't want to go down there (hell). She doesn't know what God to believe in. I told her that the only God that will get her into heaven is Jesus. She said she wanted to ask Him into her heart but was scared because of her parents. I told her that this is between her and Jesus. She can keep it between them. So, she asked Jesus in her heart right then. I am so happy!"

Is this cool or what!?!? Friends, God is in the business of saving souls and there is nothing more rewarding than partnering with Him in that!